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Jerry Pelfrey Fireworks


About Us

At Jerry Pelfrey Fireworks, we understand what it takes to create an unforgettable firework show and run your very own fireworks business. After all, it's what we do every day! We love sharing our passion for pyrotechnics with our customers, both individual and wholesale...


A Buncha Fireworks

Each firework included in A Buncha Fireworks is designed to deliver its unique spectacle. Expect an incredible sensory experience with a variety of crackling sounds, vibrant colors, and beautiful patterns that will paint the night sky with awe-inspiring visuals. Whether you're planning for a grand finale of a community event or a backyard celebration, this product guarantees a memorable and dazzling display.


This week only, you can get A BUNCHA FIREWORKS at the PROMO PRICE of $233/each (regular price: $644/each).

Touchdown Alabama

Get ready to unleash Touchdown Alabama! This pack of 36-shot heavyweight firework display lets off a crackling tail to neon peony and cracklers, all in one!



This week only, you can get TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA at the PROMO PRICE of $67.50/each (regular price: $135/each).

JPF 5_19.png

Neon Rage

Get ready to unleash the Neon Rage! This pack of 60-gram neon canister shells is an impressive display of power and color you will not want to miss. 



This week only, you can get the NEON RAGE, 60G CANISTER SHELL KIT at the PROMO PRICE of $137.50/each (regular price: $275/each).

Let's spark something!

833 US-23 N, Paintsville, KY 41240  |  Tel: 606-367-5569

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