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How to Safely Light Fireworks

You already know that we take firework safety very seriously here at Jerry Pelfrey Fireworks. Creating lasting memories for all the right reasons is the name of the game for us.

As the 4th of July holiday rapidly approaches, we want to highlight all things safety regarding fireworks. That way, the whole family can enjoy the firework festivities of the holiday.

We’ve honestly tried every method possible when it comes to lighting fireworks. Here is a breakdown of how to safely light fireworks, in our expert opinion.

Avoid Using Matches

When it comes to lighting fireworks, there are several different reasons that matches are not recommended.

  • You need to use two hands to light matches

  • Flames from matches are inconsistent

  • Matches put hands very close to flames, increasing the burn threat

Traditional Lighters are Slightly Better

A traditional lighter is a small step up from using a match to light your fireworks. Even though a lighter only requires one hand to ignite and therefore less effort, the flames are still inconsistent.

The goal when lighting your fireworks is to be able to light the fuse and move your body away from it as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, you need high and consistent heat. You may have to linger a little bit longer than you’d like if using a traditional lighter.

Grill Lighters are Even Better

Take a step up from the traditional lighter and use grill lighters to light your fireworks. We prefer these types of lighters over the standard form because it allows for more distance between you and the firework.

Still, the flame may not be the most consistent, so your hand might be lingering. Thankfully, this second-best option will create more space, making it easier for you to remove yourself once the fuse has been lit.

Butane Torches are the Best

Above all options out there, our favorite method for lighting fireworks is using butane torches. Torches are very safe and easy to use, making them a great choice all around.

You can enjoy more clearance from your fireworks with butane torches, which are designed with a long handle. Also, you’ll be able to light your fireworks much quicker because the flame is a much higher heat and more consistent.

Let’s Spark Something!

With the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s time to start getting ready for your very own fireworks show. Thankfully, at Jerry Pelfrey Fireworks, we can help provide you with endless firework options.

Whether you’re looking for a private show or wholesale purchases for a firework business of your own, you’ve come to the right place. Jerry Pelfrey Fireworks is the largest independent fireworks business in Kentucky. Contact us today by calling 606-367-5569.

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